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Slider Edge XB Ballpoint Pen, Viscoglide Ink, 1.4 mm, 8-Color Assortment in Case


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Ballpoint pen with Viscoglide? technology for extraordinarily smooth and gliding writing. Extra broad line width (XB). The ink dries quickly – even on smooth paper – and is smudge proof when highlighting it later on. The black ink is waterproof according to ink standard ISO 12757-2. Ideally suited to drawing and painting projects because the special ink will not run even on absorbent paper. A generously rubberized three-sided barrel is designed for relaxed writing without hand fatigue. It does not roll on the desk and its slim shape fits perfectly into school children~s pencil cases or into desk pen drawers. The cap fits neatly on either end of pen. The wear-resistant stainless steel tip guarantees that the large ink supply can be fully used and does not smear. The convenient adjustable pencil case is durable, can be used as case penholder and is also made of waste from internal plastics processing. The Slider Edge is produced CO2 neutral. Each pack includes 8 pieces: black, red, blue, light green, orange, violet, pink and light blue.

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