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Paint-It 010 Metallic Markers, 0.8 mm Tip, 4 Assorted Primary Colors


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The Schneider Paint-It 010 Metallic Markers feature extraordinary, eye-catching effects. Pigment technology enables a clean and homogenous color application. Aluminum flakes coated with color pigments produce a highly metallic effect with an exceptionally high opacity, high gloss level, even in different incidences of light. Line width approximately 0.8 mm. Metallic ink color assortment in a wallet of four (4) includes one each of: Blue, Red, Yellow and Green Metallic. The cap color indicates the ink color. Fast-drying, valve-controlled ink makes the Liner ideal for creative projects. Shake the marker, remove the cap, and activate it by pushing (pumping) the writing tip onto a solid surface. Optimized on non-absorbent surfaces and show best results. Suitable for use with many materials including: glass, metal, plastic, porcelain, stone, cardboard, paper, and more. To ensure longevity, store horizontally. Made in Germany.

Made in Germany, Schneider products are manufactured to the highest quality and environmental standards that have earned awards and accolades across the company~s 80+ year history. Known for reliability, functionality and sustainability, Schneider Writing Instruments are available at excellent price points to empower creativity and pen to paper. Each thought is worth writing down – the Schneider way.

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