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Hexacus? Stacking Game


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HEXACUS is an exploration in creativity and fun for the entire family. Just sort by size and color, then stack, nest, and balance to create a wide variety of patterns and shapes. Our Idea Booklet shows over 100 examples of easy to challenging patterns and shapes to build. Hexacus was invented by world-renowned designer and artist Peer Clahsen. Includes 12 assorted blocks and over 100 building examples.

1. STACKING: HEXACUS pieces are easy to hold and the unique hexagonal cross section and size progression from large to small allows for a variety of ways to stack the pieces.
2. NESTING: When a smaller HEXACUS piece, or pieces, can fit inside a larger HEXACUS piece, it~s called nesting. Discover all the ways HEXACUS pieces can nest.
3. PATTERN MAKING: It~s fun to place HEXACUS pieces side by side on a flat surface and create colorful patterns.

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12 assorted blocks and over 100 building examples


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