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Daily Literacy Activities: Early American History Reading


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A ONE-OF-A-KIND SERIES! A unique concept using daily reading lessons to teach American history.

Grab your reader~s attention with exciting, easy-to-read stories written specifically for students performing below grade level. Daily lessons guide students to carefully read each story, answer questions that test comprehension, and then write about what they~ve learned.

Each book contains 14 important historical topics presented in eight-page study units. Each unit contains a three-page, fact-filled story complete with historical images on each page accompanied by five skill-based reading and writing activity pages. The format of the study units is flexible and user-friendly ? perfect for differentiated instruction. Students can work at their own pace according to their ability level. Daily practice helps struggling readers become more literate in American history while improving essential reading and writing skills. 128+ pages per book.

Early American History Learn about how the British colonies of America became the United States of America.

Topics include:
? The First Americans
? The 13 Colonies
? The Fight for Freedom

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